Thursday, July 19, 2007

Viral Marketing (Cloverfield) vs. Traditional Marketing (Ratatouille)

I would have loved to put Cloverfield up against Transformers, but after some experimentation it became clear that movie or no, the term "Transformers" was getting blogged about anyway. So I opted instead for Ratatouille, both because it is a unique term and because it benefited from what I imagine is a pretty standard advertising blitz for grade "A" Hollywood production.

IceRocket: Cloverfield vs. 1-18-08 vs. Ratatouille:

BlogScope: Ratatouille vs. Cloverfield:

IceRocket: Cloverfield vs. Slusho vs. 1-18-08:

Virally marketing Cloverfield, you can guess at what I'd be using to help me decide when it's time for a new clue.

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