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What's Known

By: 1-18-08

There is a lot of speculation going on about this film elsewhere, so I've decided to create a place where people can read all the facts and confirmed info without having to filter through speculation and rumors (especially those already confirmed false). This post will remain stuck at the top of the page as it serves as a summary of the info known about the film. I'll continue to update it as more info comes in. More detailed updates will appear below this post.



It will be released on January 18, 2008. [1]
Produced by J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk. [1]
Executive produced by Guy Riedel and Sherryl Clark. [1]
Written by Drew Goddard. [1]
Directed by Matt Reeves. [1]
Produced by J.J.'s production company Bad Robot and distributed by Paramount Pictures. [1]
It takes place (at least partially) in New York City. [1]
It is about a monster (or monsters) attacking the city. [2]
Most or all of the film will be shot using home video cameras, from the perspective of the characters. [2]
The teaser debuted before the Transformers movie. [3]
It is currently untitled, but has been given the working title "Cloverfield." [3]
The only official site for the film that has been confirmed is [4]
It is listed among films and television programs currently in production in New York City according to the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting.
One of the characters in the teaser is seen wearing a Slusho! t-shirt that matches the images found on
NY1's Roma Torre has a cameo in the teaser, delivering a report on the "thunderous, roaring sound" that interrupts the party. [5]

WHAT WE MIGHT KNOW (still awaiting confirmation):

Starring Michael Stahl-David, Odette Yustman, Mike Vogel, and Lizzy Kaplan. [6][7]
Those working on the film have been referring to the monster as "the parasite." [2]
IMDb is erroneously reporting Mike Vogel to be starring as Rob. It looks like Rob is in fact played by Michael Stahl-David.
Several sources have reported a movie going by the name of "Slusho" being filmed in LA that sounds very close to what we do know about Cloverfield. "Slusho" is a fictional slurpee-like beverage offered to Jennifer Garner's character in the second episode of J.J. Abram's show ALIAS, so this is a very promising lead. If you have any more information about Slusho, please send it my way. [8][9]
It's probably safe to assume that is also an official site marketing the film, though we don't have official confirmation yet.


There is speculation as to who the monster is, including Cthulhu or Godzilla, or that it is a tie-in to J.J.'s TV show LOST. Most likely, it will be completely original, though this has yet to be confirmed.
Currently, IMDb is also listing Blake Lively as a member of the cast, but I haven't been able to find ANY information supporting this. I've also been told Kelvin Yu is in the cast, but don't have anything confirming this. Please let me know if you find an article supporting either of these claims.


J.J. Abrams has denied any connection between the film and any of the Ethan Haas websites currently circulating the web. [4] is a fake. It is not an official site and any information found there can be ignored. Viewing the source code shows it to be a fansite hosted on
Many people have been reporting hearing a man screaming "IT'S A LION! IT'S HUGE!" in the teaser. If you view the better quality teaser here, you can clearly hear the man says "IT'S ALIVE!" rather than "IT'S A LION!"
It's not Voltron. Info about the upcoming Voltron movie produced by Mark Costa and Mark Gordon can be found here.
It's not The Host. Universal owns the rights to that. [10]
It's not Gears of War. New Line owns the rights to that. [11]
It's not Jurassic Park. Info on Jurassic Park IV can be found here.
It's not Ghostbusters. Columbia owns the rights to that. [12]
If you have more info confirming or debunking any of these rumors, please comment (and link to your sources).


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